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Voluntary Service
Nulife invites volunteers at its headoffice/centres for the followings:

  • To impart education
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • To coach certain weak students
  • To impart vocational training
  • Website maintenance
  • Promotion materials
  • Part of Marketing team building
  • Governmental Relations

Please contact us at

Administrative and Accounts Office:
60, Cedar Drive ,Malibu Towne, Sohna Road
Gurgaon-122001 .INDIA
Phone: +918800473232

Note : If you wish to donate, kindly go to Donate page.

Volunteer Form

A Note of Appreciation to our Volunteers – our Pillars
Most importantly we would like to thank all our volunteers who have offered relentless and most valuable support to our institution. Here are those volunteers who have been associated with Nulife since a very long time:


                                                            Rekha Gupta                             Mrs. Niti Kapoor                         Mrs. Shikha Agarwal


                                                            Mrs. Malika Dua                             Mrs. Mridu Gupta                         Mrs.Indu Paruthi

    Mrs. Neeru Taneja

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